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  • How to wash a car?
    A simple and quick procedure to wash car

    Admin Answer

    You can wash your car in just 3 steps 1. Wet the car 2. Apply the shampoo and scrub 3. Rinse off with water. Watch the videos here for a complete demo http://vistacarcare.com/how-to-videos/


  • Will regular washing affect the paint?
    How often should I wash my car? Will regular washing bring any side effects to the paint?

    Admin Answer

    Washing with shampoo formulated specifically for automobiles will not have any adverse effect. If hard water is used for washing regularly, it might cause scaling on all beadings.

    It is advisable to wash the car atleast twice a week.

  • Removing tar, oil & grease residuals
    Will regular wash remove tar marks, oil & grease residuals?

    Admin Answer

    Oil, grease, tar marks cannot be completely removed with a regular wash. We recommend you to try the Degreaser, a spray & wipe product to remove those tough stains. It will not leave any residue or traces.



  • Can body polishing be done manually?
    I want to know if body polishing can be done without any special equipments and also how much time will it take.

    Admin Answer

    Most of the body polishes available today are compatible for both manual and machine application. The time depends on the size of the vehicle and the paint condition.